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On this weeks show Paul is joined by Zandra Tiitso

Zandra Tiitso Photography

Zandra has over 15 years of experience in photography, mainly focusing on landscape, wild life, portraits and weddings. For a long time, the camera ended up sitting on a shelf in the closet, however as Lockdown came around, Zandra decided to dig out the camera once again.
As she started with photography again, those who knew her from her early days, were more than happy to welcome her back on to the photography scene. Amongst them one of Sony’s big names in international photography, Manny Libres Librodo, who gave the following praise for her work. 
When I started photography, Zandra is one person I always look up to especially when it comes to self-portraits. Here ability to tell a story through her pictures is very impressive. Likewise, her composition shows that she has a strong sense of artistry. I always looked forward to see what else was she gonna be doing to come up a fresh concept in self portraits. She gained the title of queen of self-portraits among the community of photographers then.”
As time went by and she rediscovered her love for photography she decided to turn her hobby into business, a journey that has just begun.

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