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Tuesday 19th October 1pm


David Kenneth & Chris Allen 

City Way Osteopaths


City Way Health Clinic, bringing excellence and expertise in proved and effective fields of healthcare to Medway. Our Osteopaths and healthcare practitioners at our Rochester and Rainham clinics are highly skilled and work together to treat your condition and pain and show you how to gain long term relief, health and wellbeing.’



Barry Thompson & John Sanderson 


Alpha 311


The Alpha 311 vertical axis wind turbine creates power where it’s needed most: locally.

Every road, bridge, building or tower can become a wind farm.

The smaller size, lower weight and unique shaftless design means the Alpha 311 turbine can be installed almost anywhere.

The turbine is most efficient when placed next to a road or railway where it harvests airflow from passing vehicles and generates electricity even when the wind isn’t blowing.












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Presented by Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin