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Tuesday 21st September 1pm


Phil Wilson


Junk Jam


Phil Is a professional percussionist with many years experience in the music industry . For more than 20 years Phil has been the drummer with legendary glam rock band Mud 2. 

Phil has now launched Jam Junk a programme for schools

How we, and importantly the next generations, view our planet’s treatment and overall survival should be on everybody’s mind at all times. Making use of discarded plastics and other landfill bound items can be fun, educational and above all habit changing!

Making music in groups is uplifting and gives many “non-musical” participants a sense of achievement. Taking a pile of second hand buckets, bowls, bins, containers and lengths of downpipe along with used tin cans, yoghurt pots and kitchen utensils, then using them as musical instruments to build exciting rhythms is rewarding and great fun.  Put that alongside an environmental message and you have a lesson about change of habits and increased awareness.





Lewis Beavan



A mobile car valeting and detailing company based in South East London and Kent, which will carry out your car, van, 4×4 and truck valeting and detailing to a professional standard, leaving your car looking and smelling brand new!











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Presented by Paul Andrews & Amanda Flanders