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Tuesday 23rd August 1pm


Paul Babra


Karara foods


Welcome to Karara, the exciting new way to enjoy delicious, aromatic, traditional food from Kent’s infamous Indian chef, Paul Babra and his wife Rani.

Karara Foods are proud to introduce CHUKO CHUKO, an aromatic and spicy beer from master chef Paul Babra.

A keen real ale enthusiast, Paul came up with the idea for producing an original spicy beer with a unique Indian twist, created using carefully selected ingredients with the same passion that creates his food. So working in partnership with Kent Brewer, Boutilliers, Paul used his lifetime of expertise in selecting and blending the perfect spices to perfect and produce Chuko Chuko.





Mark Telford

Telfords Accountants 

Telfords Accountants are Xero Chartered Accountants based in Kent. Mark Telford founded the practice in 2012 after realising many small business owners weren’t getting the practical advice and support they needed from their accountant.

Business owners need the support of their accountant throughout the year. For many businesses, their accountant is the only professional advisor they will have, so it’s vital that they have a great relationship and stay in touch on a regular basis.

Often just being there at the end of a phone, on e-mail or Zoom  to providing advice, support, encouragement for business owners to run their businesses.











Presented by   Paul Andrews &  Jules Serkin