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What Next for Content Marketing?



Content marketing is no different to any other form of marketing in that there will always be poor examples of how not to do it.

Advertising is not bad per say, its bad advertising that is the problem. You could say the same for re-marketing and SEO, when these things are not done to add value to your prospects and customers journey they are generally annoying and spammy.


Content marketing has taken a little bit of a bashing recently in that companies of all sizes are reporting that they are not sure they are getting a ROI on their content marketing efforts.

How can they not be sure? You either are or you are not? This tells me they are not measuring correctly or at all.

With so many tools available today there is no reason not to be measuring your marketing efforts and demonstrating an ROI.

There is so much content out there now people are even questioning if creating content is worthwhile?

Yes there is an awful lot of content today but in actual fact how much of it gets seen at all. The truth is there is an awful lot of poor content that we have all seen before.

So how does your content get seen and consumed? Easy, start creating content that is valuable, useful the kind of stuff people would pay for! This kind of content gets shared and liked and more importantly seen and consumed.

Look at the changes that Facebook have made recently to EdgeRank making it near impossible for poor self serving content to be seen and about time too.

So what’s next for content marketing? Its time for the cream to rise to the top, and those that understand that its about the audience and what they want from our content.

Content marketing is not a silver bullet and needs to be part of marketing strategy that all works together to add value and teach prospects and customer alike.

This starts by understanding your audience and what they want and what questions are they asking.

Here at Virally we are keen to see the best content get noticed and shared and give you that understanding of exactly who your audience is.

Great content gets shared because it makes the sharer look good, Virally enables great content to be hosted and shared and we want you to be able to use this technology for free to get you started, thats why we have a free forever campaign  that can sign up for today with no credit card details and start using in minutes. Find out more by visiting