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What is 4G and what does it mean to my business?




Well to start with let’s be clear on what 4G actually is. The simplest way to explain 4G is it’s the 4th generation of mobile phone signal technology. Now it does get considerably more technical than that but let’s stick to what matters to small businesses.


3G was a real game changer it enabled us to have the internet in our pocket. The problem came as we all tried using 3G more and more of the time. Being connected 24/7 became not just the norm but essential to our everyday lives.


With everyone hammering the 3G network more and more it just meant slower and slower speeds. This is particularly true in built up areas such as cities where there is a high density of people.


So does 4G change this and how will I t change your business?


Well 4G is by no means perfect. But I will explain the benefits and the current challenges and then you can decide if 4G is something for you.


4G is fast, real fast. In some areas where they double the speed you can get up to 60MB per second. Most people’s home broadband offers around 8-20MB if you are very lucky. Now let’s not get too excited it as this was probably done with only one person getting all of the bandwidth from the mast. However with some providers claiming averages speeds of 15MB per second and highs of 40MB it is at least 5-10 times faster than what we get now.


So 4G is fast, super-fast and probably faster than your home broadband.


The challenges are quite simple. 4G is new and network coverage is limited. That said there are 145 towns and cities covered by the provider EE and with plans to have 98% coverage in the next 12-18 months this is not the future but today.


Cost is always a consideration but for the speed you can get just imagine what can be achieved the ROI for certain key people in your is a very simple calculation.


We live in an always on connected society wrongly or rightly and that’s another blog for another day but it’s essential you understand what is out there and then find the right technologies for your business.


Being connected wherever you are and having systems in place to ensure you can communicate with your clients and colleagues regardless of where you are is what we do best.  It is not as expensive as you think and you are not too small to use simple yet powerful solutions to always keep you connected.


So if 4G is something you would like to discuss further or even your communication plans as a whole why not have a chat with one of our team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have?


Written by : Bryan Davis of Connect IT

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