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Taxi for Samson the Parrot !


You know you grab a taxi if you need emergency treatment and have to get to hospital? You do? So what happens if your pet is suffering from similar problems and needs medical help quickly?

How many of you bundle the animal up in a blanket, put it in the back of the car and rush off? And how many have to ring a relative or actually get hold of a cab to get you to the vets?

It’s not ideal for either owner or pet, that

Which is where Adrian Kearney (07772 589511) and his AK Pet Service comes in.

Give him a call and you don’t have to worry about a thing. He will pick up your pet from home, anytime day or night, take it to the vet or pet hospital, wait while it is treated or until such time as the vet decides what needs to be done, and then bring it home safe and sound.

He encourages pet owners to travel with him – one of his regular customers is a 91 year old women and her 17 year old dog – and because of his long service in the industry they know their animal will be treated as if it was his own.

He has 30 years of experience handling cats and dogs and is a qualified dog trainer after all.

Adrian’s is a service which is seen to be long overdue according to vets, pet hospitals and owners alike.

“Animal welfare is our number one concern,” said Adrian. “I use approved travel cages and bedding to ensure all pets get maximum comfort on the journey.”

He is one of only a handful of specialists offering such a service in Kent – and he wants word spread far and wide.

“There a lot of people who can’t get to the vets for one reason or another. They are elderly or infirm and are in an unenviable position when their pet falls ill.”

Dogs, cats and rabbit are regular passengers, but he could equally handle anything furry… although he would probably draw the line at bears or wolves.

As the only Vets Now carrier in the area, owners know their pet will be treated with care and efficiency by Adrian and his “ambulance”.

Just don’t ring if your lion has a thorn in its paw.