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Stop Multitasking – Keep your Focus

n the world of so much going on, and multitasking expected, it is easy to forget that focus is key. It is no good trying to get that important project underway if your email is pinging, the phone ringing, and other distractions are around. It is not just the time spent on the other distraction, but the time for you to get back into that focused position – that can take a lot longer (21 mins is often quoted). Perhaps that is where your day has gone!

It is easy for your mind to wander. Perhaps a noise outside disturbs your concentration, or a thought ‘pops up’ and your mind start working on that instead. If it is a thought, have a place to note it down – your daily planner is a good spot. Get it out of your head and get your focus back, you can work on the other thought later.

Focus on a single task at a time, lose the distractions, and make the most of that dedicated time to your task. Perhaps it might be a key task to move your business forward, or it might just be your emails or calls for the morning, but by focussing on that one area you will get more done than by trying to juggle them all at once. It doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple tasks on the go – just that you will give each its own time and focus rather than trying to deal with them all at once.

Plan your day. Ensure your imperative tasks – those that move you forward in your goals – are scheduled first. Group similar tasks together – emails, calls etc. – to do in one (or two) hits. This helps you know what to do next once a task is finished rather than revisiting a long list of ‘things to do’ throughout the day.

Use your best time for your imperative/creative tasks. Whether it be first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon, or late in the evening, know when your best time is and use it to focus on those key tasks that need you at your best.
Split your day into manageable chunks based on how you best keep your concentration focused. For some this may be 15 minutes, others 45, other 90. It is what fits you and keeps you on track. Have a break, or just a change in task, to keep your concentration going at its peak.

Don’t be afraid to lose your connection to the outside world. If it was an important client, would you let a call or a text interrupt? Treat yourself as the VIP, your time is important too. Turn off the phone, emails, and tell others not to disturb you. Give yourself the opportunity to really focus on your task, get it done more swiftly, and move on to the next one knowing that you achieved more today because you focussed on one thing at a time.

We all like to think that we can achieve more by multitasking, but often focusing on a single task at a time is the key to doing it well and more effectively.

Are you a juggler, or do you focus on the task in hand – leave your comments below.

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Blog By Amanda Holges