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Starting a New Business?

Hi Everyone,

I’m Corinne the newest member of staff and resident journalist at 10×10 Labs, a great new tech start-up incubator in the South East of England.

If you’re a tech or start-up genius brimming full of tips and knowledge, a successful start-up founder, or a passionately keen tech writer, I would love to hear from you and publish your articles on the blog.

Start-up information is invaluable to our readers – you can never get too much advice when you begin a new venture. If you’re an experienced entrepreneur with an encyclopaedic tech or start-up knowledge base please get in contact with your words of wisdom.

Success stories, failures and overcoming problems are all part of the start-up adventure. If you can give me an insight into the ups and downs of your tech start-up journey and think you would be the ideal candidate for interviewing then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Showcasing your writing talent, getting published and noticed can be a tough but the 10x10Labs blog welcomes all contributions from published and unpublished tech writers. Plus it would be great to incorporate a diverse range of opinions and views from guest bloggers in the tech and business world.

You can reach me at [email protected].