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Part Two – Paul Ribbons

11th June  



Paul Ribbons


Adversity was present in Paul’s life right from the start.

But through it all he’s shown a resilience and a self-reliant attitude that despite his up-bringing has never held him back.

From an early age he could overcome anything thrown at him, from early tragic loss, abuse, asthma and dyslexia.

With poor role models, it could have gone either way, but fortunately Paul took the right path, in fact it was the fuel that was needed for change.

This has given Paul fantastic insights about what it takes to succeed when the odds are stacked against you or when things start to fall apart. He realised he had a passion to help others get through and grow out of the hardest of times.  

Paul believes in simplicity, and this has helped create a lifestyle by applying a simple and effective property strategy that affords him freedoms many aspire to.

Paul has successfully taught 1000’s of students this simple straight forward way.
















Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin