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21st May  

Sarah Broadbent



Swallow Tail Hill


Back then glamping was a new thing that many hadn’t experienced but Sarah and Christopher knew that it would be the perfect way for people to enjoy the unique landscape of Swallowtail Hill.

We are close to the medieval coastal town of Rye. Maps of the 17th century show Swallowtail Hill as it is now, unchanged. Our best guess is that its name is down to migrating swallows gathering here at the highest point of land around before departure for Africa.

Christopher began the conservation work here over 35 years ago and today Swallowtail Hill is one of southern England’s most biodiverse landscapes. It is not the largest but at 50 acres it is still pretty big for a previously farmed landscape to be turned over entirely to nature.

Staying in this landscape is a unique experience – as guests are surrounded by wildflower meadows, woodland, hedgerows, ponds and a lot of wildlife. Over three decades we have created a landscape that might well be recognised by someone magically visiting from the 15th century.

















Presented by   Paul Andrews & Julie Edinburgh