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Part One – Susie Brooks

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Part Two – Lewis Sutton

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 9th January 2024





Susie Brooks 

My first encounter with therapy (NLP) was through a book,  ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers, way back in the 1980’s. 

That book was life changing as I realised this was just how I wanted to spend my life, being brave, feeling fear and just doing it. Starting life with a job in sales, it stood me in good stead and from that I had a happy and successful career in publishing. 

Over the following years I had a designer costume business within Cabouchon, and then in a business partnership with two tekki friends, SECPay which we developed and provided secure online banking transactions as on line shopping first came to the UK in 1990’s.  

I had always been interested in Psychology and NLP and much of my early sales training was NLP and coaching based. I preferred the gentle approach instead of Anthony Robbins hyped up, fast paced walking on coal, and over the years I coached and used my NLP skills to help friends, and aquaintances but never became a professional. 

I had also been to see therapists since the mid 80’s to overcome issues that had built up during my life, starting from my parents divorce starting from when I was only 3.



Lewis Sutton 

Market Town Crossfit 

Market Town CrossFit was established in 2019 by brothers, Lewis & Joe. Our collective passion for the sport and ambition to share our knowledge with the wider community led to the launch of the largest CrossFit box in Ashford, Kent.

Our mission is to show that CrossFit is for all abilities; from the elite athlete to the fitness beginner. All of our members are introduced to the correct form and techniques involved in weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning exercises to gain a level of fitness like no other. At Market Town CrossFit, we have created a training facility that provides everything you need to improve your quality of life and fitness, regardless of your age or fitness level.


















Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin