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Part One – Laura Dowling

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Part Two – Ellouise Hasler-Stott

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24th October





Laura Dowling


Laura is a pharmacist and scientist by training. She graduated from the School of Pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin in 2002. For over twenty years, Laura has been on a mission to optimise wellness by educating and empowering people to achieve sustainable, healthy lifestyles. fabÜ is the result of Laura’s fascination with the wonderful powers of plants, herbs, and mushrooms from across the world – and how nature and science can be tailored to work together in harmony. fabÜ’s formulated, active ingredients are tailored for your specific needs and optimised for your wellness.  fabÜ combines the world’s best botanical extracts, herbs, plants and mushrooms with vitamins and minerals that make a real difference. 


Ellouise Hasler-Stott

Flowers By EG

Delivering bespoke floral designs for couples & clients

I’m Ellouise and I run Flowers By EG – We specialise in Weddings flowers and Events & Corporate floral installations. 

I’m really passionate about creating a bespoke design with each client by working together to bring your ideas to life. I believe the devil is in the detail, so much so, I’ve been awarded 3 RHS Chelsea medals in Floristry, including RHS Best in Show & Gold medal back in 2018








Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin