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Part One – Jake Naude

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Part Two – James Gardner

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17th October





James Gardner

Amazing Leaders

James is on a mission to help create the future generation of Amazing Leaders

James is an entrepreneur , business building, speaker and coach


Jake Naude

The Stressed Executive 

I’m well into the third chapter of my life, as a broadly experienced, well-rounded people helper. The first, incredible chapter played out over 26 years in Africa, mostly farming. The second, unforgettable chapter was spent doing the 23-year-long London Corporate two-step.

I sailed close to the wind and had a great many interesting and challenging learning opportunities. Aside from the priceless experience gained at the school of hard knocks I also have qualifications in agriculture, IT, project management and hypnotherapy.

A lot of life has passed under this bridge and, over time, focused academic study has spanned any gaps. I believe that it is this unique blend of experience, knowledge, years, failures and successes that gives me an edge today. It is the confidence and skills born from this experience that affords me the privilege to take up the lamp and walk the distance with my clients.

I believe that life is a training ground. That everything happens for a reason. I believe in second chances, and I believe that I’ve had mine, so that I can help others have theirs.








Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin