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Part One – Julian Barnes Kate Holohan

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Part Two – Susie Brooks Ingrid Talosi

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12th September


Julian Barnes


Chair – Kent Agricultural Society

The Kent County Agricultural Society (KCAS) is a registered charity who has been supporting the county’s farming community since 1923. All income from our brands and events help us to deliver our charitable objective.

  • The improvement of agriculture, forestry, horticulture, allied industries, rural crafts, and the breeding of livestock
  • The demonstration of improved methods connected with the above
  • The holding of an annual show in Kent
  • The encouragement of agricultural and horticultural education, research, and experimental work

Sponsors of Kent Business Awards 2023

Susie Brooks 

My first encounter with therapy (NLP) was through a book,  ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers, way back in the 1980’s. 

That book was life changing as I realised this was just how I wanted to spend my life, being brave, feeling fear and just doing it. Starting life with a job in sales, it stood me in good stead and from that I had a happy and successful career in publishing. 

Over the following years I had a designer costume business within Cabouchon, and then in a business partnership with two tekki friends, SECPay which we developed and provided secure online banking transactions as on line shopping first came to the UK in 1990’s.  

I had always been interested in Psychology and NLP and much of my early sales training was NLP and coaching based. I preferred the gentle approach instead of Anthony Robbins hyped up, fast paced walking on coal, and over the years I coached and used my NLP skills to help friends, and aquaintances but never became a professional. 

I had also been to see therapists since the mid 80’s to overcome issues that had built up during my life, starting from my parents divorce starting from when I was only 3.


Interviews from Women In Business Big Show 2023

Ingrid Talosi        ASEA Health Products


Kate Holohan    Hair Therapy UK








Presented by   Paul Andrews &  Jules Serkin