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Part One – Becky Colwell, Maxine Deacon Sumeet Janal

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Part Two – Laura Kennard 


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5th September


Laura Kennard



RevitaliseU-Kent was born when Jo and Laura met and realised that we shared the same passion for treating an individual person in a holistic way, thereby helping them to improve their mental and physical health. Together we created our own well-being at work service by combining our years of experience in the office environment and our therapy work. This enables our treatments to be more accessible as staff do not need to leave the office!

RevitaliseU-Kent has worked with many different types of businesses in and around Kent, varying in size and structure.

Laura and Jo ran RevitaliseU-Kent very successfully for 7 years but as a corporate well-being business we were very badly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020. Jo has now stepped away from the business and whilst Laura and Jo are still firm friends, Laura has taken sole charge of RevitaliseU-Kent and is looking forward to this new exciting chapter.

Sumeet Jalan


Summeet is involved in local politics, and is active in his local Orpington community

He is looking to attract sponors and supporters for a Diwali event in Bromley on 29th October


Interviews from Women In Business Big Show 2023

Becky Colwell        Heart to heart Sales 


Maxine Deacon     Social Enterprise Kent








Presented by   Paul Andrews &  Jules Serkin