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Part One – Derek Skinner







Part Two – David Walsh






15th August


David Walsh 


David Walsh Online

David Walsh is the creator of the Be The Greatness  which is a success identification method that helps you understand who you are, what your true genius is, and how to use that to connect with your ideal target audience who are looking for your unique skills.

He is also an International Gold Medallist and 16 times Irish National Champion in Taekwondo



Derek Skinner

Go Green Consulting

I have a passion about Global Warming and getting people involved in initiatives that make a difference and can benefit our planet. With this in mind, there’s a need to establish a similar project as the one at East Village, London, (the wetland project in particular) where grey water is recycled and various vegetables are grown that can then donated to Community feeding schemes.
The funding will be used to advertise the project, set up a similar scheme and monitor it’s effectiveness with a view to replicating this scheme throughout the UK.
Schools will be encouraged to enter various competitions to raise awareness and get them involved in helping others – this could be then applied to their Duke of Edinborugh Community hours and so much more.








Presented by   Paul Andrews &  Jules Serkin