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Part One – Shaun Reynolds

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Part Two – Julia Hayes

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1st August


Shaun Reynolds


E Mail Postman



  • Email-Postman was founded by Shaun Reynolds who has been working exclusively in the field of email marketing 2005. Launching Email-Postman in 2019, Shaun and his associates are bringing unrivalled expertise in the provision of this powerful channel to clients around the UK and beyond!You will sense our passion for this marketing channel as soon as you speak to us. We are passionate about email marketing and passionate about achieving success for our clients! That’s why Email-Postman promises – and delivers! 

Julia Hayes & Itsuko

Little Pink Dog & Greyfest

We are a husband and wife team. I am Julia, I organise and arrange the designs as well as the social media. If you chat to us it will be me chatting back. Steve uses his embroidery and sewing talents to create beautiful pieces for you to enjoy. We are also dog lovers and are owned by our Lurcher and two Greyhounds, so we understand the need for well made safe and reliable collars. 

The artwork for our own collars is unique and exclusive to us, so you won’t find these anywhere else.









Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin