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Part One Emma Hames



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Part Two Mark Woodcock


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 27th June 1pm


Mark Woodcock





We are a collection of passionate sector and discipline experts, brought together by a common belief that we can do “better for the worker”. We have a highly experienced partnership of professionals from Construction, Recruitment, Technology, Training and Finance. JobMatcha is the name of the app platform we are creating. We intend to deliver real value to the communities we operate in, enhanced benefits and fairer terms to the worker and an unrivalled offer to clients . We are advocates for change. 

Emma Hames

Playing With Life

Playing with Life is a documentary film that follows the recovery of a musician that spent 5 years housebound and needed 35 ambulances after taking a medication as prescribed. The film explores the bigger picture of the little-known risks with these medications, whilst exploring what it takes to rebuild a life from the ground up and what the power of dreams can do








Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin