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Show 633

Part One – Jo Alsop


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Part Two – Jon Lovell & Claire Burroughs


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Tuesday 6th June


Jon Lovell & Claire Burroughs





We all lead busy lives, and all we ask is that we’re heard and get our problems sorted so we can get on with our lives. 

So, we looked everywhere and decided in the end to build our own SAAS platform. So, we’ve found a way to help businesses and brands to help their customers. 

It’s a story of humans in harmony with AI. And don’t worry, it ends well!

Jo Alsop

The Heating Hub 

We have built a model of how the domestic heating industry should work to save consumers £1,000s.

We are heating experts but we’re consumers too ! We overcome the heating industry failings to deliver outstanding heating systems for everyone 








Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin