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Show 622

Part One – Stephen Yorke


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Part Two – Isobel Brett


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21st March


Stephen Yorke


The Academy of Real Assets


At The Academy we stand for increasing access, diversity, and intellectual curiosity amongst UK schools and students by connecting you to some of the country’s leading Real Estate and Real Assets firms. We do this through our core engagement programmes.

Isobel Brett 

Bretts Business Recovery

Bretts Business Recovery provide insolvency services including business recovery advice, helping people and companies with financial difficulties.

When you’re constantly fighting to put out financial fires, it can feel like you’re in a black hole with no chance of escape. But regardless of how bad your current situation may seem, there are plenty of strategies you can use to take care of your past problems, regain control of your cash flow and look towards the future with a sense of hope and excitement. Which is where we can help you









Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin