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Show 615

Part One – Sandra Maybury


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Part Two – Noreen Mckecknie & Julie Edinburgh


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31st January 1pm


Sandra Maybury 


Maybury Marketing 


    Welcome to Maybury Marketing. Showing my age now, I’ve worked in the hospitality sector for over 25 years and specialised in revenue management and online sales. In 2005, I became self-employed and over the years, I have helped businesses across a range of sectors to grow their revenue. It has not always been easy, like many businesses we’ve hit bumps in the road but I’m really proud to be still self-employed 16 years later.      

Noreen McKechnie & Julie Edinburgh

Diamond Singles

Diamond Singles want to help single people build their self-confidence and learn to love themselves. In a world of online frenzy, we believe it is refreshing to meet people in person and have that real human connection. Since the dreaded COVID and lockdown, many people have experienced social anxiety. We want to bring people back together, face to face, and help build their self-esteem again, and simply celebrate being single and fabulous! There is no pressure to find love here, as nice as it may be, we just want to encourage you to be yourself, love yourself and meet great people along the way









Presented by   Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin