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Show 582

Part One – Simon Pollard


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Part Two – Pam Loch


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 7th June


Simon Pollard

Awakening Walks 

ANDY McCONNELL,the Antiques Roadshow’s glass specialist and Journalistwill join us for aView Over the Wall Experience.We will venture out into the Kent countryside and walk through old colliery sites, market gardens and the old Fowlmead estuary and engage in some carefully planned activities to help usrest and relax in our busy world.  All profits will go toCALM –the Campaign Against Living MiserablyThat we previously supported on the launch ofThe View Over the Wall Book.So, join us to learn about our countryside,Our place in the countryside,Find out what we can learn from our countrysideAnd have a very peaceful and calming experience.To book, please go to…

Pam Loch

Loch Associates

Loch Associates Group provide a combination of employment law, HR consultancy, health and safety, corporate employee wellbeing programmes and mediation services to clients, all from one trusted partner.













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