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#Pitch2Win and Appear on Business Bunker Radio!
Kent #UNconference & #Pitch2Win
We’re delighted to announce that the organisers of the Kent UNconference have teamed up with Business Bunker Radio to give 2 lucky business owners the opportunity to appear on the show, share the story of their entrepreneurial journey and gain visibility for their business.
As most of you will know from our recent Press Release, in honour of Global Entrepreneurship Week’s theme “Make it Happen” (16th-22nd November) Canterbury CIty Council’s StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz Projects have partnered with RIFT Accounting, Business Bunker and Advantage Business Partnerships to create a new and more exciting business event format, the Kent UNconference.
As an attendee, on the day of the UNconference, you get to pitch for the opportunity to talk about your journey as an entrepreneur and share how you have overcome some of your biggest business challenges. Everyone then votes on their favourite pitches to set the agenda for the day with the delegates themselves as the speakers.
As if the UNconference itself wasn’t exciting enough, today we are launching the Twitter “#Pitch2Win UNcompetition”, giving 2 of you the chance to record a segment talking about your business, your successes and the challenges you’ve solved on the live Business Bunker Radio show (Kent Business Radio, Tuesday’s 1-3pm).
How to Enter #Pitch2Win & Your Prize
All you have to do to pitch to be on the radio show is
Go to your Twitter account and send a tweet to either @StartMy_Biz or @GrowMy_Biz,
You must use the Hashtag #Pitch2Win
Your tweet must outline the biggest business challenge you have faced and overcome in 140 characters or less.
You can enter as many times as you like with different mini pitch ideas.
Other Twitter users who are engaging with the #Pitch2Win and #UNconference hashtags will then “vote” for the 2 best “mini pitches” by Retweeting them.
The 2 entrepreneurs with the tweet or “mini pitch” that get the most votes from Twitter users, will be selected to record a segment for the live Business Bunker radio show.
The same 2 entrepreneurs will also automatically be given a speaker slot on the day of the UNconference.

Terms & Conditions of #Pitch2Win
Entrants must be 18 or over.
You can enter as many times as you like with different mini pitches outlining various challenges and solutions.
Please note that while you can send a couple of tweets asking your followers to RT your #Pitch2Win you CANNOT retweet your own #Pitch2Win yourself lots of times or ask single followers to RT your #PitchtoWin hundreds of times as this contravenes Twitter rules! The idea is that Twitter users will genuinely vote for the best idea. See the Twitter rules here.
The Twitter #Pich2Win closes at midday on 2nd November.
You must make sure that you can be available to record your talk for the radio show on Friday 6th November from 3-7pm an available to speak at the UNconference on 19th November.
The time of the recording may be subject to change depending on the schedule of the Business Bunker presenters.
In the event of a tie whereby more than 2 ideas get the same number of votes (Retweets), the judges will contact all potential winners and make a final decision on who will win the opportunity to record a segment for the radio show.
The winners will be announced on Twitter and Facebook.
The 2 winning pitches will then be broadcast on Business Bunker twice in the run up to the UNconference
The 2 winners will automatically be given a speaker slot on 19th November at the Kent UNconference
The #Pitch2Win will be judged by Jane Ollis Managing Director of RIFT Accounting and Paul Andrews presenter of Business Bunker Radio and former Entrepreneur of the Year. The judges’ decision is final.
This is such a great opportunity for you to engage the local community, raise awareness for your business, attract more clients, highlight the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and network with like minded people. So, what are you waiting for?
Be a trailblazer and get on Twitter now and start tweeting @StartMy_Biz and @GrowMy_Biz your amazing stories so we can get you on the radio to share your experiences with your local community!