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One third of Uk now listen to Internet Radio

According to new figures from the UK radio ratings body RAJAR, a third of the UK population listens to internet radio. That’s a full 16.9 million people, up 5% since October 2008.

Streaming music services are also doing rather well, with 3.9 million people accessing them – up 34.5% on October’s figures. We’d bet that the majority of that increase is due to Spotify.

Listen again services are popular, though intriguingly about half of those listening didn’t listen the first time around, so perhaps they should be renamed. Overall, radio listening is up.

Lastly, podcasts are enjoying a renaissance in popularity. 7.8 million people have downloaded a podcast, and 4.2 million say that they listen to podcasts at least once a week.

RAJAR research manager Christel Lacaze told reporters: “The fourth MIDAS survey clearly reveals that internet delivered audio listening, whether it is listening live, via listen again services, via personalised online radio or via podcasts, continues to grow”.


Article appears here on Pocket Lint 

The latest RAJAR data release on radio audience figures as of May 2012  shows that internet radio listening has reached an all-time high with the UK population listening for 42 million hours per week.

17% of UK adults now listen to radio via their mobile phone