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One Last Dance




A lost love reconnects an old man with his past reigniting his passion for life in one last dance.


One Last Dance is a short film starring Jonathan Pryce, Shane Attwooll and Sara Kestelman, with music by Orbital. Directed by Luke Losey, it will be shot on location in the English seaside town, Herne Bay, in October 2014.


The film tells the story of Jon, an old man, who on a visit to his grandson’s dance competition sees a vision of his late wife. They dance, giving Jon a chance to reconnect with his past and reignite his passion for life. One Last Dance is a simple story, beautifully told, about the texture of memory, lost love and the haunting intimacy of a dance.


Jon is played by Jonathan Pryce whose dazzling stage and screen career combines the intensity of theatrical roles such as King Lear with cult film classics, Brazil, Adventures of Baron Munchausen and blockbuster films like Tomorrow Never Dies and Pirates of the Caribbean.


The filmmakers have turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to make the film and achieve the director’s ambitious vision. Their Kickstarter campaign will go live on the 19th June 2014 with a £15,000 target that must be reached within 21 days.




Producers, James Heath & Liam Garvo ran the successful kickstarter campaigns for feature films ‘The Fitzroy’, raising £72K, and ‘Enemy of Man’, raising $255K, Dorigen Hammond, from Belle Starr Films, recently produced the critically acclaimed theatrical documentary ‘The British Guide to Showing Off’ with BBC Films, Film London Microwave and Film Agency for Wales.


Luke describes the film as being “about the texture of memory – the landscapes of the half-remembered, the blurred edges, the nervous nostalgia, the meandering associations across time and geography. Those ephemeral moments when we can choose to be happy with the present by coming to terms with the past.”


To find out more, please visit our Kickstarter campaign at where you can find a video about the film and exclusive rewards on offer, including signed postcards, limited edition soundtrack, dance lessons and of course the finished film.


For more information please contact – [email protected]  – or follow our social media links for up to date news on the campaign:


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Twitter – @1lastdance