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Money Saving

Help your business save money simply by using apps

By Sophie Hainsworth, LoyalFree  

In your business, saving money is almost certainly a priority. Whether you’re considering cutting the cost of that lunch out or making some savings on your office heating and lighting bills, you’re probably always on the lookout for clever ways to save some money. 

So, I have compiled this list of apps and services, available to everyone and great for business owners and employees alike. When you’re planning the next team outing or feeling the burn of the bills, then reach for your phone to help your money stretch further.  

  • VoucherCodes

In a world of discount apps, it’s easy to get lost; from Wowcher to Groupon to VoucherCodes – all of them offer a variety of discounts. My personal favourite is VoucherCodes as it gives you wider options for shopping, plus it includes food and travel deals.  So, it’s handy when you are booking your next team outing, or buying a reward voucher for an employee. 

Find out more here: www.vouchercodes.co.uk 

  • Yroo

This price comparison app tracks prices over time. In order to help you know the best time to buy it sends you an alert when a price drops. The app can search over 5,000 stores to show you the most competitive price on products, particularly handy when you’re looking for new office furniture or the latest tech gadgets.

The app also has scanning functionality allowing users to check price comparisons instantly on-the-go so you know if you’re getting the best deal. Free to use and regularly updated this app is a great tool for any business owner. 

Take a look here: https://yroo.com/

  • uSwitch 

uSwitch allows you to compare energy, broadband and mobile deals so you can see if you are getting the best tariff for your business and your team. Switching tariffs is done in the app and only takes a matter of minutes to complete. 

The app has handy functionality which will remind you to switch each year so you never miss out on the latest and best deals. uSwitch is also a Feefo 2018 Gold Trusted Service award winner and boasts many top app store ratings and reviews. 
Read more: https://www.uswitch.com/

  • Honey

Honey is a Chrome browser extension which will automatically find and apply discounts codes to checkouts for you. Not an app, but perfect for business owners, this tool won’t take any extra time for you to make use of. 

With over 10 million members, Honey is completely free to use and takes minimal time to set up. You can enjoy discounts at lots of large brands when buying office supplies at sites such as Amazon, Target and Best Buy. 

Discover more: https://www.joinhoney.com/


  • LoyalFree 

If you’re looking for something more personalised to your local area then the LoyalFree app can help you ‘save money when you shop local’ in 14 towns and cities across England. Boasting thousands of deals, the app also supports many independent businesses as well as the larger names. 

So, whether you want to find a great spot for after work networking, save some money whilst out holding a meeting, or stock up on some business supplies – this app can help you do all of those things. Handily, you can find a wide variety of services on the LoyalFree app, meaning savings are available at local cafes, accountants, stationery suppliers, etc.    

The app is also great to share with employees who may not know the local area as they can explore their surroundings through the interactive trails on the app, such as enjoying a ‘Cocktail Trail’ or a ‘Vegan Eats’ tour of the area. 

Download the app here: www.loyalfree.co.uk/download   

Initially, checking through an App before you make a purchase may seem like extra work, but it can really pay off as there are some great savings to be had. Whichever of these apps you choose to use we are sure your business will see the benefits. 

About the Author

Sophie Hainsworth is co-founder of LoyalFree, a multi-award winning innovative mobile phone app which helps connect people to special offers in their area. The app combines this with local digital loyalty schemes, tourism information, tours & trails and events. Users benefit by using one app across the UK – so they can tap into the local area wherever they are.

Website: www.loyalfree.co.uk

App download link: www.loyalfree.co.uk/download

Twitter: @loyalfreeapp – https://twitter.com/loyalfreeapp

Facebook: @loyalfreeapp – https://www.facebook.com/LoyalFreeApp/

Instagram: @loyalfreeapp – https://www.instagram.com/loyalfreeapp/