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Its the little things that matter Why not spend time today thinking about doing little things that make others feel good. Small Random Acts of Kindness can make a big difference . Whether it’s as simple as a compliment or a friendly smile to that person you passed on the street, to a server in a coffee shop or a neighbour

8 Random Acts of Kindness. 

1. Shop local, support small businesses in your community

2. If you spot a homeless person buy them a cup of tea or coffee. It’s amazing how much people appreciate a hot drink on a cold day.

3. Smile at the people on the street and Engage that customer service person ask how their day is going.

4. Ask older members of your neigbourhood if they need anything from the shops, their grass mowed etc

5. Give way at road junctions, and remember to acknowledge others who give way to you

6. Write positive notes and encourage people on social media

7. Ask people their names and use them

8. Donate read books to charity shops, care homes or other public free book outlets