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Jane Ollis Talks Social Enterprise on Business Bunker

There are around 70,000 Social Enterprises operating in the UK, contributing £18.5 billion to the economy and employing close to a million people (many of whom might otherwise be disadvantaged in the labour market), it’d be a mistake to measure their success in purely financial terms. Profits are re-invested toward social or environmental goals, and this is where their real value lies.

There’s a lot more to being a Social Enterprise than having good intentions and a sound business strategy. It’s perfectly possible to run an ethical business or to be morally responsible in your trading without qualifying. You might be gaining some tax advantages by donating a portion of your profits to charity, you might be taking steps to reduce your environmental impact or carrying a scoop to clean up whenever your business does its business in the gutter. However, none of that in itself is going to classify you as a social Enterprise.


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