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It’s Not What You Say – It’s How You Use It!

It’s Not What You Say – It’s How You Use It!

According to OFCOM’s The Communications Market Report 2014 (August) there were 44.6 Billion Minutes of Business calls* made and received in the UK during 2013.  There are roughly an estimated 4,901,500 Companies in the UK, both Public and Private Sector, which relates to an approximate calculation of about 15,000 hours’ worth of Business telephone conversations made and received during that time period. 

Have you ever considered how many of these calls contained critical, important or just useful snippets of information that could have benefited the Organisation?

You probably file your important emails, letters and useful documentation somewhere central and easily accessible, for everyone authorised to gain access when they need them again, however what about your ‘phone calls, are they gone for ever, when you put the phone down? 

Most Business Professionals are looking for an opportunity to understand their Customers or stakeholders better and to identify any further business opportunities, or ways to be more productive, valuable or efficient.  Call recording can offer this option, in an impartial, accurate and cost effective manner, so it is therefore surprising that the use of this equipment is not more commonly used within mainstream Businesses and Enterprises.

Why is this?  How does the Business Community really feel about call recording?

On 4th November the Business Bunker Radio Show ( will be discussing this with Sarah Heber-Hall of ComputerTel.  Tune in and hear the discussion live from 1pm.


If you would like to discuss the topic directly with Sarah, contact her at [email protected]   or call her on 01474 561111.