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In with the new – Canterbury Tech Investment

According to recent reports Canterbury has been paving the way for personal tech usage for the last few years. Being the city in the U.K with the highest spend per head on technology hardware and the highest internet usage per density population, we believe Canterbury to be the hub and epicenter for tech start-ups in Kent.

With such a high proportion of inhabitants being involved in internet processes, what separates this city from becoming a place of tech commerce? That is where 10x10Labs hopes to offer the environment and funding to turn the natural building blocks of an idea/individual or group into fully functioning, profitable and innovate organizations.


Situated in the heart of the city, Fruitworks, the co-working space is the venue chosen to house and incubate all of the start-ups  to join 10x10Labs this summer. The space is a converted warehouse, open-plan to fully take advantage of the networking and creative sharing possibilities that are so crucial to a company’s growth. With 30 working spaces and full office facilities the space is already in high demand for networking events, art exhibitions and freelancers looking to plug-in. So start-ups will be joining in on an already bustling scene with lots to keep them occupied.

Backing up the perfect working environment and the most crucial part to steering a start-up in the correct direction is the founding members and seasoned investors that form the board of 10x10Labs. Serial Entrepreneurs themselves with a diverse range of companies that cover a majority of sectors across the county, they are on call at all times to usher growth through imparting knowledge for critical decision making. Does a company need a new developer? Is the budget best spent on marketing or events showcasing? Is the product ready and will it be given a seal of approval by regulatory bodies?  These decisions can be brainstormed with board mediation and  with other start-ups on the programme to solidify that next move.


Article by Jamie Andrews   [email protected]