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FSB Vehicles Company Car FAQ’s

The launch of FSB Vehicle Services at the FSB Expo earlier this year was a great opportunity to meet up with you and understand how you use your vehicles for business.

We learnt that many businesses and sole traders currently rely on employees to either drive their own vehicles or they buy vehicles outright. During the Expo we were asked questions about driving on business, the differences between purchasing and leasing and what the risks were if employees were driving their own vehicles.

Several questions were asked many times, over the course of the 3 days, and so we thought it would be helpful to share the answers to them.

“I have 3 people who drive their own cars to visit customers and make deliveries. This means that I don’t need to worry about the vehicles doesn’t it?” Driving at work is covered by the Health and Safety at Work Regulations so it should be regularly assessed as you would any other activity. Your staff can drive their own vehicles but it’s important to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure they are safe and legal. For more information-

“I can’t take my leased vehicle abroad if I want to take my family on holiday, can I?”

Yes you can – you just have to remember to get a VE103 from your leasing company before you travel – see hints and tips here

“If I do more than 10,000 miles per year I can’t lease a vehicle, can I?”

This is not the case – leasing offers a wide rangeof options covering both mileage and length of contract and the ability to re-contract your mileage or contract term if your circumstances change.

“How should I finance my business vehicles?”

The choice of leasing or buying and which finance package best suits your business needs to be looked at carefully. We will help you with those decisions as one size doesn’t fit all.

“Leasing products are tied to a few vehicle manufacturers so I can’t get any car I want?”

No, FSB Vehicle Services have access to around 22,000 makes and models from most manufacturers.

“I drive a van, leasing is just for cars, isn’t it?”

Leasing covers vans too, up to 3.5 tonnes and we can get you the right racking/specialist equipment fitted too.

If you have more questions about leasing or buying, contact FSB Vehicle Services on 0845 266 5330 or FSB Vehicle Services