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Diamond Singles


The Diamond Singles Show where your presenters Noreen and Julie will be discussing the excitement, fun and perils of single life. Hear about the intense world of dating, online vs the real deal, in the flesh, and where to meet other singles. Listen in to tips and tricks and hear guest speakers share their own experiences.

On a more serious note…it is a challenging world out there and with the cost of living crisis we are all experiencing, being single comes with its extra financial challenges. Listen to fellow singles share their stories, thoughts and ideas to help ease the pressure.

Presenters Noreen and Julie will be discussing a wide variety of topics covering single life, where to meet people, how to build your self-confidence as well as funny and embarrassing stories!

About Noreen and Julie, Co-Founders of Diamond Singles:

Noreen is a business entrepreneur and Founder of Diamond Search Recruitment. As a widow, mother and businesswoman, she juggles a busy life and can certainly relate to the challenges of dating as a modern woman.

Julie is an established recruiter with over 10 years of experience and now with the successful launch of Diamond Singles under her belt, is keen to share her experiences and put singles at ease and help build their self-confidence.


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