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Death of the desktop, Embrace Mobile

By 2013 it is estimated that more people will be accessing the internet using mobile devices than laptops or desktops. This isn’t difficult to believe. In every coffee shop, on every high street, on every form of public transport, people are clicking away on their smart phones and tablets (iPhones & iPads). They can browse on the move; the ultimate convenience. Whilst on the daily commute you can check the latest football scores, news headlines or do your weekly shop. In our increasingly busy lives, it’s important to adopt any form of time-saving device/method. You probably already use your smart phone to access emails during the time you’re away from your desk. You’re part of a growing trend that isn’t going to stop. So, the most important question that arises from this is:

Does your business need a mobile website?

Before we answer that, let’s first looks at some of the pros of going mobile:

  • Mobile internet is a great way to attract more visitors and potential clients.
  • With a mobile-friendly site, it’s easier to reach out to a wider market.
  • Mobile websites can cater to the needs of any business type.
  • Customers will see you as a company who’s interested in providing quality, up-to-date service.
  • It shows that your business is willing to innovate in order to provide easy access to your customers.

These days, mobile phones are no longer just for making calls and sending text messages. Users can access the whole world of the web whilst taking the train to work, whilst having refuel in the coffee shop. As more and more people are using mobile internet, it’s imperative for businesses to tap into the potential market.

And what about the dangers of not embracing mobile?

  • Consumers will see you as an old-fashioned business, not willing to try and make purchasing your product/service easy.
  • The lack of convenience will put customers off and they may be encouraged to shop elsewhere.
  • Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and expect businesses to have a mobile website. They have little patience for one that doesn’t.

So, back to our first question – does your business need a mobile website?

The answer, quite simply, is YES! The way in which your current and potential clients and customers access the internet is changing, therefore you need to adapt with them. Your customers will thank you for the transition you’ve made from desktop to mobile and will reward you with an increase in sales generated, engagement and loyalty.

Nickels and dimes

Worrying that this will be a costly endeavour for your company? Fret not! Mobile websites cost little to setup and even less to maintain over time. Remember, being mobile means that your site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Having a mobile website will increase your overall market and you won’t lose valuable mobile device users. Like we mentioned earlier, smart phone adoption (as well as countless other devices) is up. You need to be too. Up your game, go mobile.

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