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Business master class gives women in business top knowledge – and a crèche for the kids


Small businesses that are owned and managed by women are being offered the chance to attend a unique training day this April, complete with crèche.

Organisers Rebecca Robertson, Evo Girls Kent and Deborah Turner, Kent and Medway’s Federation of Small Businesses Champion for Women in Business, spotted a gap in the market which led to them setting up the first ‘EVO Expo’.

“As a mum in business for almost four years I recognise how difficult it is to find the right resources and affordable child care,” said Rebecca, Founder of Evo Girls as well as a Financial Planner. “I wanted to support mums with young children by offering them a business master class event within school hours along with a crèche for little ones. Collaborating and sharing in business is key and you need support from others to make it work. I hope for this event to be a complete success and used as a template for other business master classes going forward through Kent!”

Deborah Turner has been talking to women business owners in Kent in her new role on the FSB Kent Regional Team. “As the champion for women in business for the FSB, I was interested to know the main issues for Kent women in business. The top three recurring themes were fear of failure, affordable childcare and access to finance specifically for women or mothers.

“We are running several events this year to give information and offer advice on these specific challenges. Collaboration is another strong theme for women in business so the FSB is very pleased to have teamed up with Evo Girls and Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce to offer this one exclusive day of business advice and support.’

The event, taking place at Westenhangar Castle, Hythe on 22 April will cover topics from Twitter to business planning, cash flow and finances. To book log on to

The FSB provides services to help small business grow and develop, such as online recruitment templates, 24 hour legal advice and employment law information