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The Business Bunker Radio Show is excited to be running a series of monthly interviews with the team from Business Improvement and Growth (BIG) Associates Ltd, a spin-out of the University of Kent.

Research findings emerging from their work with hundreds of SMEs reveals that most business owners aspire to create long term efficiency & growth, but more often than not fail to achieve their aspirations. The reasons why this is the case are wide ranging. What is certain, however, is the need for business owners and leaders to challenge the way they think and act.

As a result of this work, a set of ten characteristics have been identified that provide busy owner-managers and leaders with practical ways of improving their growth and performance prospects. We will be exploring one of these every month on the show, so stay tuned!


As way of a short introduction to these characteristics we would suggest you watch a 6 minute video here:


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Feel free to download a free copy of the B I G Ten booklet by clicking here: BIG Ten mini booklet

And, £25 will get you a full version that contains all the data and research behind the B I G Ten characteristics:


Finally, we are always looking for participants to take part in our research, so if you are an ambition business owner-manager or senior leader working in an SME we would love for you to fill in our research survey – it only takes 15 minutes, and will connect you to a wealth of information on SME growth and performance. Take the survey here: