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The Apprentice

Ecce Media – Thrilled to be FSB Finalists
It has only been nine months since Ecce Media took on their first apprentice, but they’ve taken on several challenges since then that have proven they were more than ready to do so. The latest of these is making it to the final three places in this year’s Federation of Small Business London Awards for Apprentice of the Year.
Finding Charlie Robinson working under their noses whilst he helped some local builders working on their offices, it seemed meant to be when he not only took an interest in Ecce’s work, but also disclosed he was studying Digital Design at Bromley College.
Shortly afterwards, Ecce, known for their bespoke and custom made solutions, created their Apprenticeship Academy, a year long course that would compliment Charlie’s college work and result in him being able to create a stand alone website by the completion of all the modules. This will also be used as a starting point for any new apprentice joining Ecce, a role for which they are currently advertising.
Liz McNaughton of Ecce Media has also been motivated to take the message of their positive experience to other businesses, working with the Skills Funding Agency to become an Apprenticeships Ambassador.
“We’re only a small business, but it’s clear we can play a large part in talking to other local companies, colleges and institutes about what an apprenticeship can offer. By taking on just one apprentice, we’ve been able to increase our output, take on more work and reap the reward of saved costs over traditional recruitment. That’s something to really shout about!” Liz explains.
Charlie himself is also having a positive impact on local businesses. He recently added public speaking to his training remit and spoke at an FSB Kent & Medway event championing apprenticeships.
“He’s definitely one to watch. Charlie was very impressive, and Ecce Media are definitely being watched by some envious eyes today,” commented Bill Fox, the FSB Kent & Medway Chairman.
Charlie and Ecce Media have also set their sights on more awards, currently competing in the National Apprenticeship Awards as both apprentice and employer respectively. It could be a very rewarding first year for Ecce Media should they get through. In the meantime, the FSB London Awards will take place on 30th July at the Hotel Pullman in London. And the award goes to…well, we’ll just have to wait and see!
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