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Xmas 2021

Let Christmas Elements Inspire Us for the Whole Year

By Sid madge, Meee

The lead up to Christmas is a vitally important period for many businesses. Data from the Bank of England, show that in December, for example, book sales double, spending on food increases by 20% and on alcoholic beverages by 38%. With business owners working especially hard at this time of year it is important to find time to relax and looking ahead to 2022. I encourage you all to focus on bringing more joy and sparkle into our lives, businesses and to our work colleagues in the coming year. Here are some suggestions for using some classic Christmas elements to get you on the right track:

The Christmas Cake 

It used to be that there was only one type of Christmas cake, and technically there still is but we now have so much more variety and difference in how we choose to celebrate and what cake we choose. It all depends on the ingredients and how you mix them together. 

Business is a lot like a cake too, loads of different varieties, all made up of different people in different roles all working together to create a different finished cake. Whether the outcome is in line for ‘Star Baker’ or given to the dog depends on how they’re put together, mentored, coached and utilised. 

Take, make or bake a minute to think how you can create a better cake in your department, at work or at home. And remember, none of us is the finished article and never will be. 

The Christmas Tree

Whatever shape, form or material it’s made from look at the tree as a metaphor for gratitude. I’ve got a reusable tree and each year there is so much excitement as I get it out of the attic and me and my kids decorate it. To be honest, they decorate it and I just enjoy watching their little faces light up. 

Whether at home or at work, every time you look at the Christmas tree, instead of rolling your eyes are muttering, “Humbug”, use the tree as a trigger for you to think of one thing you are grateful for in your life. 

The Christmas Lights

There are people that go absolutely nuts with Christmas lights, and I can see why. You can’t help but be happy when you see impressive Christmas lights. I’m not talking about the single strand over the mantlepiece but the Christmas lights that can be seen from space! 

Take a minute and appreciate the people you know who light up your world. At work make a concerted effort to show your appreciation for the work everyone does. Aim to say thank you to at least one person at work for the rest of the year. But mean it. Be sure to be specific on what you appreciate about that other person. Say thank you to your partner and kids too. Everyone has tough times and Christmas can be challenging for many to spread some light and appreciate others. But do your very best.

Christmas Giving 

A key focus of Christmas is the presents. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Christmas for so long, as it seemed to be less about being thankful and spending time with family and friends and more about what someone got for Christmas. It also used to depress me a bit that all this money was wasted on gifts that no one wanted or that were pointless when so much of the world had nothing. 

Take a moment to consider what you received for Christmas last year? Where is that stuff now? Maybe we should all buy a little less and share a little more. It only takes a moment to give a kind word or a gesture of encouragement and those gifts last a lifetime. Even a simple smile can make someone’s day.

Joy of the Season 

I am a total word nut and I love the word joy. I can’t even say it without smiling 🙂 For me ‘joy’ is up there with ‘love’. It’s visceral. We feel these types of words in our body. The joy I see in my children’s eyes when we’re playing ‘tuff and rumble’ on the bean bag is better than any present or festive goodie. Tuff and rumble is also known as rough and tumble but I like their version better! 

Take a minute to find the joy in the day to day. The last few years have been challenging for most of us but even amongst the chaos there has been joy. There is always joy in nature. Visit the beach, watch a squirrel dart between trees, spend time with a friend. Laugh. Be mindful, don’t just buy things because you need to buy something. Think, what will give this person more joy? It may not even be a present. Focus on the small gestures that spark joy. It is Christmas, after all.


Sid Madge is a transformation and change specialist and founder of Meee. Meee draws on the best creativity and thinking from the worlds of branding, psychology, neuroscience, education and sociology, to help people embrace change and achieve extraordinary lives.

From pupils to CEOs, we’ve helped thousands find their magic to transform themselves, their communities and their organisations. From leaders of PLCs and SMEs to parents, teachers, students, carers, the unemployed and prison inmates we help people excel.

Sid Madge is also author of the ‘Meee in Minute’ series of books which each offer 60 ways to change your life, work-, or family-life in 60 seconds.