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Twitter Tips

Hints & Tips for a Business Twitter Account

People often think that posting on Social Media is easy, they may do it in their personal life therefore think they can continue in the same way for a business account… this isn’t the case. Running a business account is a totally different kettle of fish, there is both the brand and the platform to consider and there are rules. Here are some of the hints & tips for Twitter to help you grow and manage your business account:

  1. Have only one Business Account: Use your business account to follow accounts of business interest and relevance, suppliers, competitors, relevant newsfeeds and key influencers as well as existing and prospective clients.
  2. Don’t mix Business and Pleasure: Keep your tweets/re-tweets business focused, never mention politics or religion, don’t mix business and pleasure, your business account should become an industry leader that creates and shares useful, interesting and insightful content.
  3. Stick to a ‘Follow’ Strategy: It is easy to get carried away following accounts that you may know, like, use etc., but it is important to keep a close eye on the number of accounts you follow (Following) versus the number of people that follow you (Followers). On average, you should follow up to 20% more people than follow you, but the closer these figures are the better. 
  4. Share & Re-Share: Twitter is a public conversation, not a one-way dialogue. Don’t be afraid to re-tweet a post and comment on it, sharing with commentary is beneficial as it shows that you have opinions and are adding value to someone else’s content.
  5. Frequency: Twitter is 24/7, over-tweeting is rarely a problem as long as it is interesting and relevant to your sector but under-tweeting will make followers ‘unfollow’ as you can appear as a dormant account. 
  6. Twitter’s Algorithm: Be aware that what you post is automatically judged by Twitter’s algorithm. Copy alone scores lower than a post with a URL link, and this in turn scores lower than a post with an image, and this even scores lower than a post with video content. Video is seen as better content than anything else, always try and post with an image/graphic or video to ensure that your posts are getting the highest level of engagement from your audience.
  7. What to Say: You have 280 characters plus an image, video or gif allocation. Always share with copy, hashtags and additional content (link/image/gif or video). Add your location if required. Share any new articles or blogs, share relevant articles, news stories, research etc., share company news (if relevant). If posting a link use link shortening sites such as Bit.ly to go from https://www.themarketingassistant.net/tma-blogs/why-your-business-needs-digital-marketing-now-6-reasons-why-digital-marketing-benefits-any-business to https://bit.ly/2QQ83Pi
  8. What is a Handle: A handle is the official social media account name i.e. @TabithaisTMA When posting about other accounts be sure to use their handle as the post will then directly link to them and if they re-share or comment on the post it will show in their contacts’ newsfeeds.
  9. What is a #Hashtag: #Hashtags are used in social media as a way to search or discuss keywords and trending topics. Using relevant #Hashtag words helps others search on that topic to find your content about it. Always include some form of suitable #.
  10. How to #Hashtag: Remember to hashtag keywords that people may search for (i.e. ‘Mentor’, ‘Business Coach’, ‘Success’, ‘Small Business’) etc. This isn’t a definitive list, look at what other businesses and professionals within your specific sector are doing. By typing in a # before the word Twitter will tell you how many people are tweeting that term. Best practice is maximum of 2-3 # per tweet.
  11. Optimise Monthly & Analytics: It’s important to understanding the analytics of your tweets. By using certain tools such as Tweepi and Followerwonk you can keep a close eye on your analytics to ensure that you aren’t wasting follows on any dead/irrelevant accounts and maximising your posts. Twitter analytics is a free tool on your account aimed to review post engagement, what type of content is working best, new followers, hashtags that have worked well, as well as general engagement received from other sources such as tagged posts.

For more information, please visit www.themarketingassistant.net or contact Tabitha Beasley, The Marketing Assistant [email protected]