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Turkey Mill

The pandemic has been an accelerator of change for work, now’s the time to get the balance and offer right

By Dougie Lawson, Turkey Mill

The pandemic has been an accelerator of change for many people’s working lives. Commuters have re-evaluated what’s important to them and while some are missing the bright lights and social scene of London, many are leaning towards a more flexible or hybrid way of working – still demanding office space outside the family home, but without the time and cost of long commutes and pre 2020 rigid working patterns.

How though, can offices facilitate this more flexible working model, whereby people don’t need to be in the office 9-5, five days a week and instead have the option of popping in and out as it suits – whether it be to collaborate or socialise with colleagues, or to escape an unfit home working space?

In Maidstone, we have seen over 500,000 sq ft of office space converted into residential apartments via Permitted Development Rights, due to government legislation to encourage extra residential accommodation. This, however, doesn’t mean there is a lack of demand for office space, moreover it points to demand for a different type of space to work in, space that has lots of space!

We believe that tenants are now demanding a higher quality of office, to both help recruit staff & attract them to work in the office. Turkey Mill offers that, within a beautiful 25 acre site offering the added benefit of fresh air and outdoor space which is what people are yearning for post Covid-19. Tenants can host external meetings or simply get their fill of fresh air at break times.

Approximately 70 businesses are located at Turkey Mill and the onsite managers work hard to provide suitable space for new or existing tenants, whether they are requiring either to expand or contract.

Turkey Mill has quickly adapted to support businesses interested in finding new ways of working and the team feels privileged to have already helped a number of tenants evolve their ways of working during the pandemic.

If you have an office requirement, personally or as part of a business, talk to us and we’ll be pleased to have a detailed discussion with you concerning your needs