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THIS IS PERSONAL – David Philpott



I am a Man on a Mission and I want YOU to help me do something about it.  When I say YOU, I don’t mean some anonymous individual who as yet is just a vapour in my imagination – a nondescript entity without form in my mind.  I mean YOU. That is the YOU who is reading this now. The very act of doing so puts you on my radar.  Think Lord Kitchener and those famous First World War posters and you will get the picture.


I am a Man on a Mission and I am looking for 12 others to join me on the adventure of a lifetime.  Fear not – I have no Messianic delusions.  It is not disciples I seek nor is it a jury to serve in some kangaroo court, but instead, a dozen business people who have two things readily at their disposal.  If you have these two things, I make you a promise. I will help you change your life forever, for the better – and what’s more – give you the opportunity to change the world. Did I say the world? You bet I did!


Now if this is all beginning to sound like a recruitment drive for Kabbalah or any other number of alternative lifestyle philosophies – fear not. Stay with me. It is YOU I want and not your souls.


So what are the two things that will guarantee that your life will be changed forever and that you will be given the opportunity to change the world?  Nothing more or less than a little bit of two commodities that we all fritter away each and every day of our business lives. It is simply time and money.


In January I had the privilege of returning to East Africa for the first time in many years.  I visited Uganda’s “Killing Fields”, where Idi Amin, the Civil War and the so called Lord’s Resistance Army, were responsible for the torture and death of hundreds of thousands of people.  If you want to read more about that trip you can do so here:


What struck me most, was the joy and vitality of this vibrant colourful, happy nation. The scars of war run deep, but the process of reconciliation was turning the Killing Fields into Fields of Life.  And it was with an organisation called Fields of Life that I undertook my fact-finding tour to see what other business people had done to transform this country.


In this I was not disappointed. Schools were being built so that a new generation of children can get the kind of education that will make a difference in future. Wells were being sunk, deep, deep, deep underground, so that cholera, typhoid and malaria are abated in rural villages.  Fields of Life were indeed, “Helping others to help themselves” and much of it was being financed by large and small business owners alike.


I saw the Chain Reaction School being built. Strange name you might think, until you realise that the entire £75,000 costs of the project were being provided by Britain’s most successful online cycle store,  At £3,300 a go, small business owners had funded village wells and probably saved hundreds of lives and gave thousands more a tolerable existence.  But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what these other visiting business people have said.


“During our trip to Uganda we watched women washing clothes in ponds and the children drinking the same water. One if five children dies of water related illness” – Neville Woods (Supermarket owner)


“An amazing journey, seeing lives transformed by providing people with the means to sustain themselves” – Madeline Maguire (Linden Foods)


“Do not go to Uganda and expect to come home the same person who went out” –Raymond Mulligan (Johnson Campbell Ltd)


“Seeing was believing – the impact our support was making to many lives throughout Uganda” – Raymond Donnelly (Donnelly Transport)


These are hard times for businesses and that is why we have made my next trip affordable in terms of time and money. All I ask you give is a long weekend (Thursday to Monday) and at a fixed cost of £1000 (to include all your flights, travel, and accommodation whilst in Africa) you can do what you have always dreamed of doing.  No need to watch Comic Relief next year and see the short films coming back from Africa and say “I would like to do that one day.”  You can be there this very year!  If you are ambitious – you might want to stay on and Climb Mount Elgon and raise some sponsorship money too.


Oh did I not mention it? Fields of Life is one of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons charities so we will be lighting a Jubilee Beacon in Africa too as Britain lights them the length and breadth of the nation.


As I said, I am a Man on a Mission.  Will you be a man or a woman that joins me? I do hope so.