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Tech Career

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider A Tech Career

There are multiple reasons why millions of workers would consider a tech career. According to Tech Nation, nine percent of UK workers are in the tech industry. Some are motivated by competitive salaries, others want more flexibility, and most want to work in an ever-relevant industry. 

Tech is a broad field with a lot of diversity in its workforce. There are a number of great reasons to consider a career in the tech industry. From access to advanced skills to great financial prospects, there are a lot of perks to choosing this path. In this article, you will discover a couple of reasons why you should consider a tech career based on statistics and facts.

High Salaries 

There are many tech roles that have very high salaries. You can probably get a six-figure salary there if you work hard and have a lot of experience. If you are looking for a job where you can make a good income while still pursuing your passion, then the tech industry might be for you. 

You can earn over £60,000 annually working in careers like data science, software engineering, and computer network analysts in the UK. Besides the high salaries in the tech industry, there are also many opportunities for advancement in the field.

More Job Opportunities

The tech industry has a high demand and a very low supply of professionals. That’s why the job outlook for technical workers is expected to grow faster than other occupations. This means you will have lots of job opportunities. 

Having technical training means that you will automatically have open doors during your job hunt. Besides, many tech schools and online bootcamps like App Academy, General Assembly, Thinkful, Coding Dojo, and Springboard offer career services to help you land a job in the industry in less than six months upon graduation. 

Job Security 

There is a controversy around tech disruption and how it will affect most jobs. Many people believe they’ll be unemployed in the future due to technology disruption. However, tech jobs won’t suffer this tragedy. Your profession will remain relevant as long as you are working in tech. That’s why we consider that tech jobs provide security and stability. 

However, you must become a life-long learner. One of the main traits of tech jobs is constant change. If you want to stay relevant, you must always update your skills and learn the latest trends in the industry. 

Work-Life Balance

Most tech occupations don’t require you to work at the office. In most cases, you can work from home. This provides you with a lot of freedom and a work-life balance. Due to the pandemic, people started prioritizing their well-being above everything, and the Great Resignation is just proof of that. 

People felt burned out, and they started quitting their jobs en masse. That’s why tech jobs gained even more relevancy. They’re flexible, and most of them offer work-from-home options. If you’re looking for more freedom, a tech career might be for you.

Career Development Opportunities

As a tech worker, your learning process is non-stop. You must keep getting up-to-date with industry trends to remain relevant. That’s why most tech companies offer career development opportunities such as paying for bachelor’s degrees, certificate programs, or coding bootcamps

Not only does this make you a more efficient worker, but it also adds more value to your resume, which leads to more job opportunities in the future or even career advancement. If you enjoy constantly studying, a tech career is the right path. 

Why You Should Consider a Tech Career in the UK

The UK is one of the most innovative countries in the world, and its tech industry is among the largest in the world. There are numerous career opportunities in the UK for people with a technical background, and several cutting-edge companies are hiring for tech roles. According to Tech Nation, tech jobs offer more paid opportunities than teaching, engineering, logistics, commerce, and construction jobs in the UK. As the UK’s economy improves, demand for tech professionals grows.

Wrapping Up

Working in tech in the UK can be one of the most rewarding career paths. You’re part of the process of developing solutions for multiple problems and being highly compensated by doing it. Most tech jobs offer great benefits such as high wages, flexibility, career development, and more. If this seems as exciting to you, give it a shot.