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Social Strategy

You may have heard lots of experts telling you to sort out your social media strategy but what does that mean? Why should you have one? In this article, I will explain the benefits of creating and sticking to a strategy.

Social Media Takes Time

Anyone who says posting on social media “only takes 10 minutes” is probably doing it wrong. To get good quality content our on your social media channels it can definitely be time consuming. By having a strategy and planning your content, you can help reduce the amount of time wondering what you should post this week and actually posting.

Set aside time each week to sit and plan your content. Think about what you want to push out and when. We use an online tool called Content Cal to plan our social media content. It makes it super easy and means that we don’t have to be active on social media all the time to post. If you want to give it a try, click here.

Having a strategy and planning your posts also means you can have a recurring series. For example, every Monday of the week over on our social media channels we will post the national days coming up that week. This is helpful, valuable information to people so they know what they could post about in the week which makes them more likely to follow you and engage with your posts. Check it out here. 

Thinking of Content Ideas Can Be Hard

Following on from the idea of having a recurring series, this can help because sometimes coming up with content can be hard! If you have a recurring series it will take the pressure off a bit for having to think up something new and interesting posts every single week. 

Don’t put out content “for the hell of it” because you can’t think of something else. If you wouldn’t personally engage with the content, then why would your viewer? Before you put out any content, make sure it is worthy of others engagement. It is better to put out 3 good pieces of content a week compared to 7 average bits of content.

If you are really struggling for content ideas I have written a blog that will give you some tips to help spark your imagination. Click here to give it a read.

Being Consistent

Putting a strategy in place also helps you to be consistent across social media platforms. That way you are always in the eyes of your potential customers and getting exposure. If you post lots one week but then don’t post for a month, you may have lost a month worth of customers and the people that did follow you may forget about you.

This can also develop loyal fans of your brand. Having a few loyal fans of your brand can be a huge boon to your company, especially if you are an SME. If you are putting out regular, good quality content and you create fans that are excited for the next installment of whatever series you go for, they can do the sales for you with their complimentary comments and what they say to others they meet. If you are not consistent it is much less likely you will get any loyal fans.

Being consistent will also entice new followers. If someone happens to come across your page which scrolling through their feed and your last post was 3 weeks ago and it was another quote graphic, they will be unlikely to follow you. On the other hand, if you posted earlier today with some really interesting content that they enjoy or that gives them a new insight, they are much more likely to follow you.

Beat Your Competitors

Although you may see talk about social media strategy a lot, in smaller businesses it is rarely being implemented. If you have a solid strategy that you are sticking to and your competitors are not, you are automatically ahead in the social media race.

Lots of people will use social media as a search engine now when they are looking for a service. If someone comes across your page and a competitor’s page but your content is much more valuable to them, they are more likely to contact you.

Promote Your Product or Service… Make Sales!

The final point is that you want more sales. If you put in place a social media strategy and stick to it, you will find that you reach more potential customers and if you are able to convert them well, your sales will go up.

As your reach, followers and fans increase, so will your sales. Doing this is also completely free. All you need to put aside is your time to do it properly rather than giving half the effort. 

If you want to talk about your social media strategy get in contact at [email protected] Make sure to check out our website by clicking here

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