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Show 571

Part One – Elle & Linda Cloke


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Part Two – Neville Gaunt



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22nd March


Neville Gaunt

Mindfit & YP2GROW

Helping young people develop the right attitude and softskills to improve their employability. Changing the attitude of a generation . We will talk about the YP2Grow programme and the free ebook

Everything You Should Have Learned At School But Didn’t is a brilliant compilation of inspiring stories contributed by Neville Gaunt and his friends in Pakistan and abroad. 

This book contains real life examples of people who candidly illustrate how their “CAN-DO” attitude enabled them to face adversity and challenges with confidence and wisdom, and came through the other end, fulfilled and successful.

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Elle & Linda Cloke 

WeDo Social Media 

We Do Social Media


Train yourself to be the best at marketing your business. The digital world can feel daunting, we get it!

In The Social Media Gym, you will learn how to maximise your potential from industry experts and get the resources you want to succeed.


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Presented by Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin