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Part One – Sarah Marsh-Collings


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Part Two – Tim Aker


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1st March


Sarah Marsh-Collings


 Babel Monkey 

Has your company hit a plateau and you know you need to start doing something differently if you want to attract more business? Then babelmonkey can help. We’re here to create chatter about your business – because being the best-kept secret in the circus won’t bring anyone to your tent!We can help you design a marketing strategy to fit your requirements, whether that’s to raise your profile, mark you as an expert in your field (circus!), attract more clients (the more monkeys, the more fun in the barrel!) 


Tim Aker   

FSB kent & Medway

Representing 6,000 small businesses and the self-employed in Kent & Medway.

Business information, webinars, networking, news & advice.






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Presented by Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin