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Show 545

Part One – Sue Moon


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Part Two – Tim Aker


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7th September


Tim Aker 

Federation Small Business Kent & Medway

One of the unique benefits of joining the FSB is the local support we provide to our members through our team of dedicated staff and volunteers located in every region across the UK.

Living and working locally ensures they are not only part of the local business community but also understand the unique issues facing small businesses in each part of the country. We meet business owners, council leaders, MPs and many other stakeholders on a daily basis to ensure the voice of small businesses is represented in your town or city. Equally important, our local teams also organise events, seminars and exhibitions to allow business owners to develop strong local networks within their communities. 

Sue Moon 


Teepol is the leading manufacturer of cleaning and janitorial products in the UK. We are the longest established detergent brand in the UK – the first name in cleaning since 1938.

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Presented by Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin