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Show 498

Part One – Dougie Lawson


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Part Two – Bruce Kidd


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13th October  


Dougie Lawson 

Turkey Mill Business Park

A business destination, blending history and heritage with modern facilities in an accessible green oasis. With a refreshing café culture, green open space and unique blend of modern office facilities and heritage architecture, we are a working business hub offering you and your team a better work/life balance.

Bruce Kidd 

Operational Accounting Systems 

O-A-Sys specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses build software to improve the efficiency of their processes. With a collective 82 years’ experience and an award winning software portfolio we are able to deliver software solutions to a diverse range of industries. 

We are also accredited developers, allowing our in-house development team to tailor the software to your more detailed requirements.

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Presented by Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin