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Show 497

Part One – Sarah-Anne Lucas


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Part Two – Tim Cullen


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6th October  


Sarah-Anne Lucas

Beautiful Brave Body 

BeautifulBraveBody emerged from the architecture of Birds previous business Birdonabike.

Over the many years of listening daily to women’s silent voices and my frustration in them begging for support but not having the courage to hold my hand, something had to change.

A place of safety had to be built for you to explore your bravery. An environment had to be sculpted for you to see just how beautiful you are. And a body prepared to live with an abundance of energy and love.

Tim Cullen 

Mint DJs

My Wedding Professionals

Planning your wedding takes time and can be stressful, but by speaking to any member of My Wedding Professionals early on in the process we can save you valuable research time by recommending other top-notch suppliers. Once you’ve chosen your date and venue, it’s time to start booking the other important elements of your day.

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