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5 Pagespeed insights you can gain benefits from 



Looking at your “Pagespeed insights” test can be a very daunting task to do as a business owner. You got lots to do and yet Pagespeed insights tells you more to do! 

No worries, here I am explaining to you what to do and why you should do it. Not all insights are a top priority but you must know which ones are!


  1. Optimize Images: your images are the main culprit of low speed and Pagespeed insights tell you this in the form of:


“Deffer offscreen images” 

Karem 1


As you can see, this is one of the reasons why this site is not performing well. The red line indicates that is a must-fix and it also tells you what you can do. 


By adding a lazy load plugin the images on posts or page will only be loaded once the user needs to see them. As the name says lazy means that instead of loading all those images and causing the server to work harder they will only be loaded if it needs to be. 


In a study by Google, it was found that sites that contained 38% fewer images converted visitors more than sites who did have more images. 



  1. Serve images in next-gen formats 


This means that the format of the images is one of the reasons why the site is being too slow. Consider this as a priority if the line is in red, and add a plugin that converts images to the right format. As you can see in the screenshot, it gives you the solution and what images need to be converted to one of the recommended formats such as JPEG 2000: 


karem 2



  1. Efficiently encode images 



Running a website and a blog requires to use images, they can engage your users and increase page visitors and consequently, sales. But images must be compressed first. 


If you have a small business, it is convenient to know how to optimize those images and Pagespeed insights make it easy for you because it gives you the tools to use.


The notice “Efficiently encode images” is different to use the right format or apply lazy loading.  It means that images should be as light as possible. Raw images are heavy, so, it is necessary to reduce their size.


You can add a plugin if using WordPress but would be better to use a tool such as TinyPNG, Imagify or ImageOptim (only for Mac users). 


If you decide to add a plugin to compress image on a regular basis beware this can result in adding unnecessary bloat code resulting in no speed improvements. So, research a plugin that has credibility and excellent reviews. 


  1. Reduce server response time 


The quality of the server can impact hugely in performance, you can reduce the server response time by:


  • Changing your web host company, due to the quality of their bandwidth and server memory. 
  • Use an SEO speed ready theme. If it does not have this feature do not use it on your site
  • Delete unnecessary plugins, do not leave them deactivated, is is adviced to delete them as to avoid hackers attacks
  • Update your PHP version to the latest version in cPanel 



  1. Eliminate render-blocking resources 



In plain language this means that there are resources such as CSS, HTML or javascript that are blocking the servers or are not necessary to have in place, thus causing the website to be slow. 


You can fix this by adding a plugin such as WP total cache and enabling “inline CSS/Javascript and Minify” settings in WordPress. You can find  here  several performance and SEO plugins that can help. 


As a side note, only take Pagespeed insights as a guidance tool to optimize your site, not all of their insights are 100% accurate and not all of them have high importance.


It is best to compare your speed performance in several tools along with using a CDN (content delivery network) to save bandwidth and server response time. 


Hope this guide is helpful and if you have any questions reach out!





Written by Karem Ortiz-Digital marketer at 

Website:  https://karemortiz.nl/

karem 3

Karem loves to create content that engages such as articles, videos, email marketing along with building WordPress websites and helping businesses with their marketing for success.