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5 reasons why you may want to consider  working in the hospitality industry


1.          People

Do you like working with people? Helping, assisting and making people feel welcome . Hospitality is the ultimate people business.  This is an industry that serves people who are looking to get away from the daily grind –  knowing that you’ve contributed to their happiness and enjoyment  is very satisfying

2.       Work anywhere.

Once you have gained skills and experience you can work virtually anywhere  in the UK or abroad that there is a demand, including the worlds top holiday destinations

 2.       Flexible working hours.

If you want to avoid working the typical 9-5 shift. Hospitality is a 24 hour business , choosing to work day or night shifts, depending on your area of activity, customer demand, and your own personal circumstances. This flexibility is perfect if you’re a working parent.

3.       Great career prospects.

Climbing the career ladder was practically made for the hospitality industry  The ability to cross-train within multiple fields is a skill that is highly-sought after within such a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, and one that, with the right amount of perseverance and experience, can elevate your career in due time.

4.       It’s almost recession proof.

There are few industries in the world that provide as many jobs as hospitality, as many countries rely on tourism to boost their economy. And it turns out that even during financially strenuous times, people don’t give up their holiday, but instead opt for a more budget friendly package. So if job security is a priority for you, look no further.

 5.       Master your social skills.

No matter your position, you’ll be meeting interesting people every day, from local business people to A-list celebrities. Perfecting the art of small talk and knowing what combination of elements creates the ideal networking environment are just a few bits of social know-how you’ll learn to properly execute. Plus, the people you’ll meet from all over the world will provide you with a wealth cultural insight. So if people skills are something you’d like to build on, you’re in luck.


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