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Is the force against you?

Have you ever wondered why you’re getting thousands of visitors but nobody converting? Or why people have added items to their shopping cart but then left the page? Then maybe something is using the force against you.

By something I mean your website, and by the Force I mean friction, I’m not talking about Star Wars this time, unfortunately. Friction is when there is a force stopping something from moving as quick or even stopping at all. This post is going to be looking at how you can have less friction on your website.


People look for trustworthy websites as there are many online scams everywhere, and so you need to make sure your websites look and feel trustworthy. Having broken links or out of date information creates the image that the company doesn’t take pride in an appearance so almost looks fake or unprofessional.

The more fluent of a design, the more likely people are to give things up, whether that’s money or details. Think of Amazon and eBay, once you’ve signed in it’s not a long process to pay. Every year $4 billion is wasted in shopping carts, usually because people don’t want to feel like it’s a chore. It’s like using Social Sign In on your website, it minimalises effort. So by creating less friction between you and your audience they are more likely to convert.
Are we crystal clear?

Clear fonts are not only easier to read, but seem more trustworthy to your audience because they don’t have to focus too much on reading, it feels less like a chore. Another is image placement, time flows left to right so if your pictures depict time passing, always put the earlier picture on the left. If you place them the other way round it looks confusing because subconsciously we all know time flows left to right, top to bottom. Place your call-to-action’s in clear way and play around with the text that you use. Try A/B testing, where you take half of your traffic to one page and a half to the other to work out which way works best.


60% of the buying process has already been done before a customer even comes in contact with you, more so if you’re business is eCommerce. This is why your websites must be trustworthy, fluent and clear. Having your website up to date, easy to use and easily read then people are more likely go through the actions.
Any questions?

Feel free to comment or send them to me, @KellyCulver96 on Twitter


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