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A New Engineering Training Programme to bring low skilled and unemployed people into the manufacturing engineering industry.

Do you know the average age of a qualified engineering technician now in the UK?

If you manage an engineering company, I am sure you do. It is now in the late 50’s. 

The engineering companies I talk to are having difficulties in recruiting their next generation of engineers and need help in the recruitment and training of a skilled workforce.  Without bringing in the next generation of engineers to the industry, many companies futures are at risk.  

We have been working on a new and innovative training programme to give new entrants to the industry engineering skills and experiences so they can contribute to your business more quickly.

Boosting Human Capital in the Twenty First Century’, or BHC21, will take young unemployed or low-skilled adults and train them using state-of-the art training techniques such as ‘virtual reality welding’ to acquire new skills rapidly. 

The training programme will be practical and on-the-job with every trainee carrying out a work placement in an engineering environment. In industry they will be trained and guided by work coaches – senior, experienced engineers who are undertaking their own training, in teaching skills.

I am excited to say we have an experienced and passionate team delivering this project which includes a partnership between Mid Kent College, the University of Greenwich and the Tavistock Institute, a research organisation.

Job Centre Plus have also joined in to help recruit young adults who are need of a second chance – a leg up to a higher skilled, higher paid job.

The project is funded by the Interreg Two Seas initiative, which is part of the European Social Fund. 

The project includes cross border work with colleagues in Belgium and France so that each country will learn from each other about training techniques.

Call to Action: 

Our first cohort of training covering Medway, Maidstone and Swale, starts in February.   We are now looking for employers who would like to take part in this free project and are happy to offer a training placement. 

The benefits to you as a manufacturing engineering employer taking part in this project are: –

  • Receive a free and modern effective ‘train the trainer’ programme, from the University of Greenwich, to help your staff pass on their skills.
  • Your trainees will be trained at college in welding, fitting and maintenance techniques over 12 weeks.
  • Your commitment is to offer a 9-week placement.
  • Supports your company’s future by growing the work force of tomorrow.  

If you would like to learn more about this exciting project and how your company can take part then contact Guy Robinson, Boosting Human Capital 21 project co-ordinator at [email protected]